Just imagine: All the technologies of the world are between your hands , what would you build and why?

Hi guys! How are you doing?

Today’s topic is about what can I build if I have all the technologies of the world. I love the subject, it turns my imagination on, and crazy ideas come to my head. Having all the technologies in my hand give me magical abilities like super-power clothes we can travel with I mean flying and moving without the need for transport. Or some medical solutions which can save millions of people or at the least decrease their pain. That is so innocent…

To be honest, having all the technologies give you more than just that, it gives you the power to run the world; to control the economy, commerce, politic, countries even wars if you want. Why not !!! if you don’t have to do more than just press a button to activate a nuclear bomb on the other side of the world.

Be positive:

Let me be positive. Let me dream if I have this opportunity what can I do?

The first thing that comes to my head is my mother’s disease and how much she suffered from it. Just if I have the opportunity to use all technologies needed to reduce her pain. My mother‘s disease is called Parkinson. It’s a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system a long-term.

So my dream is to build a hospital using environmentally friendly building material which is able to self-healing and using very high advanced technologies like heart monitoring T-shirt that measure your heart rate, artificial neurons that can handle the role of real one, some artificial blood or organs for those who need it and can find one… I mean if I have to write all my ideas, I will never finish. Actually, if we read biological researches and have an idea about how much we are able to make this world happier and better but we just suffer from the lack of technologies and capabilities, you will know the importance of owning the power of using advanced technologies in your hand.

If I have this opportunity, I will create a vaccine for Covid-19 in one week, then I will give it to the poor countries for free. But I will sell it to the rich countries so expensive maybe I will keep it under my power and … Ok I should stop here after arriving at the button of the Bomb.

See you guys in my next blog.